About Us

NightCrawler Gardens is a family owned greenhouse, specializing in bedding plants, perennials and cut flowers. Jason and his then girlfriend, Sheri, started out with field grown sunflowers in 1995. They were both in school at Ohio University, Athens and would drive up to Jason’s hometown of Pickerington to work on a friend’s 4 acres. On Friday evenings they would often be cutting flowers late into the night to get ready for Saturday’s farmers market in Worthington. Using their headlights to pick, they called the farm NightCrawler Gardens. The name is also a tribute to the earthworm, a true friend to farmers and gardeners, a sure sign of soil health.

After many years of renting land and growing the business, their dream of starting a Greenhouse became possible when Mike and Marty, Jason’s parents, bought land in Pleasantville. Mike and Jason built the first greenhouse in the winter of 2003-2004, next to the home that they also built the year before. The four of them started seeds and plugs, and opened on the first of May in 2004.

The first summer was great. Local support and word of mouth did wonders and they met lots of new neighbors. The plants and people kept us very busy. Who knew that one person could spend the entire day watering? In the spring that was often Jason. Mike and Marty still had other jobs (someone had to feed us), and Sheri was back in school to get a teaching license.

Now they’re done. Marty is in “semi-retirement” which means she still works six full-time jobs. Mike retired in July 2004, he now works more hours with much less pay. And Sheri has her license and a job teaching art in Pickerington. No one knows what happened to Jason…

Oh yeah, he’s still here, still planting, still growing flowers. He and Sheri finally married in December 2004 after being together nearly nine years. And with Sheri’s “real job” and a lot of luck they bought a farm of their own in Millersport. It has good soil (lots of worms) and fulfills another of their long sought after dreams. And it has no house; “Mom, Dad, can we move in?”

Entering the second winter Mike and Jason built a cold frame to over winter the perennials and grow cool loving plants. After four seasons, NightCrawler Gardens continues to grow and expand its selection for all of you. Our hope is that you will find new and exciting plants each year when you return. The personal service and high quality will remain, but with even more varieties and choices.

Now after a lot of hard work and planning Jason and Sheri’s home on the farm is nearly complete. Jason hopes that after the 2008 season they can expand by building a new production greenhouse on the farm. The retail will remain on Pleasantville Road where folks expect to find us.

Each summer has been greater than the last. The number of friends and neighbors continues to grow as the “word” about NightCrawler Gardens continues to spread. Our thanks to all of you folks who have supported us and told your friends and family about our quality and service! See you in “our garden”.